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It started with tank cleaning…

Today, Tankclean Nordic is the leading company in the industry, but our history dates back to the late 70s. We still have a special passion for tank cleaning – that’s how it all began. Over the years, we have come to understand that our responsibility lies equally in helping to create cost efficiency and simplicity. Our offering today encompasses a comprehensive solution – One Stop Shop.

By providing our five top-notch facilities and dedicated experts, we can assure you thoughtful advice and security in the operational work we perform, whether it’s tank cleanings, heatings, terminal handling, transport services, or repair and maintenance work. All our facilities are, of course, audited according to SQAS, and issued ECD documents by EFTCO-approved assessors.

With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, combined with the latest equipment, strict procedures, external audits, and service-oriented staff, we ensure that tens of thousands of orders are executed on time every year – and that our customers continue to trust and appreciate us – year after year.

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Through long experience and high customer orientation together with many own unique solutions, we take the extra steps needed to facilitate our customers’ business.

What makes us special?

With five complete One Stop Shop facilities in Sweden, we are ready to meet our customers’ every need.

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